We are committed to excellence in Aviation Security, Dangerous Goods and General Training. Our highly skilled and experienced team help to ensure that your staff can provide excellent service in their fields.


Classroom Training

You will be provided with course materials, assessments, and one-on-one instructor guidance and support.

Virtual Training

You will be able to experience distance learning that allows you to interact with the facilitator virtually and get real-time feedback.


You will be able to engage with a modern, intuitive, and interactive interface that provides real-time assessments and feedback.

Professional Training is recognised by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) as an authorised Aviation Security Training Organisation (CAA/10908/ASTO) and Dangerous Goods Aviation Training Organisation (SACAA/151/ATO)(Old ATO:CAA/DG/0031).

Professional Aviation Services presents a number of courses on a regular basis.

Scheduled dates for these courses can be found on our course calendar, which can be found here.

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