Level 3 Manager – Cargo

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A comprehensive training program for Aviation Security Managers
(Level 3) who are responsible for Security Management for Cargo, Stores, Mail, Supplies.

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The SACAA accredited Level 3 Aviation Security Manager – Cargo course meets the security training requirements under Part 109 for persons managing security at Airports and Air Carriers.

This course will cover concepts such as relevant legislative frameworks, human resources management, management of financial resources, managing the airport and airline security and more.

Learners enrolled in this course will gain a good understanding of security programmes required by international airports and airlines while adopting the roles and attributes of an aviation security manager operating in these circumstances.

This training course is aimed at the following groups:

  • Airport police;
  • Immigration and border police;
  • Airport management and staff;
  • Aircraft operator ground staff;
  • Aircraft operator flight and cabin crew;
  • Regulated agents and known consignors;
  • Mail staff;
  • General aviation (GA) and aerial work (AW) staff;
  • Fuel company managers and supervisors;
  • Protocol and other VIP handling agencies;
  • Customs and agriculture personnel;
  • Airport concessionaires and tenants; and
  • Persons other than passengers requiring unescorted access to security restricted areas and not falling into other groups.

After successfully completing this course, the learner will be familiar with, and have knowledge of:

  • Knowledge of applicable legislation and how it must be implemented.
  • Management principles of financial resources.
  • Recruitment, selection and training and certification of human resources.
  • Management principles of human resources.
  • Knowledge of motivational skills.
  • Selection and management of material resources.
  • Knowledge of the capabilities and limitation of security equipment or screening methods used such as canines or other methods.
  • Knowledge of insider threats and mitigation methods.
  • Knowledge of cyber security and mitigation methods.
  • Knowledge of human factors and how to create a security culture.
  • Knowledge of basic behaviour detection strategies.
  • Knowledge of quality control systems and methods.
  • Knowledge of contingency planning and management response of unlawful acts.
  • Management of air cargo security.

Learners are awarded a SACAA accredited certificate of competence which is valid for 24-months.

This course meets the requirements of DOC-CATS-109 and is approved by the SACAA.

This course is presented by Professional Aviation Services. (CAA/10908/ASTO).

All Aviation Security Courses presented by Professional Aviation Services  (CAA/10908/ASTO) are accredited by the SACAA.


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