Level 1 Aviation Security Screener (All screening types)

A comprehensive training program for all personnel who are responsible for observing and screening passengers for safety and security purposes, ensuring that they comply with the appropriate baggage, items, and materials onboarding.

Level 1 Aviation Security Screener (All screening types) classroom training is a 10-day course for initial training and 5-day course for refresher training, that  includes course materials, assessments, instructor guidance and support.

Upon competency learners are awarded a CAA Accredited Certificate of Competency. This certificate is valid for a period of 24-months as per SACAA requirements. Refresher courses should be booked 30-days prior to expiration.

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The SACAA accredited Level 1 Aviation Security Screener course meets the security training requirements under Part 109 for persons managing security at Airports and Air Carriers.

This course will cover concepts such as working at the airport, access control, x-ray examination of baggage, searching and securing a sterile holding area , and more.

Learners enrolled in this course will gain a good understanding of security programmes required by international airports and airlines while adopting the roles and attributes of an aviation security manager operating in these circumstances.

This training course is aimed at the following groups:

1.Passenger Screeners

2.Baggage Screeners

3.Cargo Screeners

At the end of this course, a student should display the following competencies::

  • all persons must undergo training in dealing with bomb threats
  • all persons must receive training in responding to the discovery of prohibited articles or suspicious items
  • understanding the configuration of the screening checkpoint and the screening process
  • knowledge of how prohibited articles may be concealed
  • ability to respond appropriately to the detection of prohibited articles
  • knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of security equipment or screeningmethods used
  • knowledge of emergency response procedures
  • ability to carry out hand searches to a standard sufficient to reasonably ensure the detection of concealed prohibited articles
  • knowledge of exemptions from screening and special security procedures
  • knowledge of testing protocols for screening equipment or screening method being trained for
  • ability to operate the security equipment or to apply the screening method used
  • ability to correctly interpret images and data or signals produced by the security screening equipment or screening method being trained to operate or apply
  • ability to display interpersonal skills, in particular how to deal with cultural differencesand with potentially disruptive passengers
  • knowledge of protection requirements for hold baggag
  • Learners are awarded SACAA Accredited certificates which is valid for 24-months upon successful completion.
  • This course meets the requirements of DOC-CATS-109 and is approved by the SACAA.
  • This course is presented by Professional Aviation Services.  (CAA/10908/ASTO).

This course meets the requirements of DOC-CATS-109 and is approved by the SACAA (CAA/10908/ASTO).


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