The Air Cargo Tariff and Rules (TACT)

The ultimate reference for air cargo transportation

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The Air Cargo Tariff and Rules (TACT) provides air cargo professionals with the comprehensive information they require to efficiently transport air cargo worldwide. TACT Rules is the definitive source for shipping and accepting air cargo, comprising of industry, country and carrier regulations. TACT Rates offers you the most current industry, carrier and pre-constructed rates. It contains 5 million rates for 350,000 city pairs and is the most comprehensive global rates database in the industry


Always updated, TACT gives you rapid access to all TACT Rates and Rules. This vast source of information is used by more than 70,000 air cargo professionals and covers over 221 countries and territories in order to:

  • Enable accurate and timely decisions throughout the air cargo supply chain
  • Allow airlines to be more visible to freight forwarders worldwide
  • Enable airlines and freight forwarders to make decisions more efficiently and offer more competitive pricing and services
  • Allow airlines, forwarders, agents, ground handlers,  brokers, customs authorities, and airports to stay up-to-date with the latest industry regulations.

Rules and Rates


  • Industry, country and carrier rules
  • IATA rules on the acceptance of goods and Air Waybill completion
  • Country rules, regulations and charges on import, transit and export
  • Airport and storage facilities, handling equipment
  • Airline, city and airport codes, AWB prefixes

Rates & surcharges

  • Industry and carrier specific rates
  • 4,5 million rates for 350,000 city pairs
  • Industry, country and carrier specific charges for charges collect, class rates and dangerous goods
  • Calculation of charges and cargo claims

e-Customs & security

  • Security with ACC3 and ACAS
  • e-Customs section with Advanced Cargo Information (ACI)


TACT meets your specific needs and comes in different versions.

  • TACT Online: Search the rates and rules from a web browser. It doesn’t get easier!
  • TACT Manual: The complete rules and rates in print. A very convenient backup.

Professional Aviation Services - authorised TACT Reseller

Professional Aviation Services is an authorised IATA TACT Reseller. 

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