This RPAS specific Aviation Security Awareness training course, is a one day program, designed to meet the needs of the RPAS (Drone/UAV) pilots and other personnel who require this training.

Why the need for a specialised course?


Any operation who operates a RPA unit for commercial gain, is required to be licensed under Part 101 of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations. This training course is approved by Part 109 and it also meets the requirements for Aviation Security Awareness Training as required in Part 101.

This specialised course, is designed around the specific security awareness requirements for an RPA organisation. The general aviation security awareness course concentrates on the needs of personnel who work in an aerodrome environment. T
his is not necessarily applicable to RPA operations, which are very mobile and operate in a wide range of environments.

Where is the course presented?


The course is available at the following training centres: Wingfield Park (Jet Park) and Cape Town. Courses can also be arranged in other venues. Please contact us for more information.

To book a RPAS ASAT Course with us




For more information on RPAS in South Africa, contact the CAA.