The Part 108 – Air Cargo Security Courses due to the recent changes in the Regulations, have changed.


These are now found under Part 109 – Aviation Security, and have new names.


Air Cargo Security Familiarisation Training is now split into two different courses, depending on job functions.


  1. General Aviation Security Awareness – general staff of regulated agents and known consignors
  2. Aviation Security Awareness Training (Cargo, Store, Mail, Supplies) – for persons exercising security controls other than screening e.g. drivers, supervisors, those handling or who have access to known cargo or the paperwork and consignment security declarations.

Standard Air Cargo Security Training (Level 1 – Screener) is now  Level 1 – Aviation Security Screener (Cargo, Store, Mail and Supplies).

Standard Air Cargo Security Training (Level 2 – Supervisor/Manager) is now Level 3 – Aviation Security Manager (Cargo).


There is also a new course: Level 2 – Aviation Security Screener Supervisor (Cargo, Store, Mail and Supplies).


For more details on the courses, please visit our Part 109 – Aviation Security page.